Palmeiras live stream

Palmeiras Live Streaming

Across the world, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras remain one of the clubs from Brazil that most football fans know, even if they have no interest in Brazilian football. Their fame surpasses the borders and waters of the earth, hailing from the breathtaking Arena Palestra Italia arena and with some of the most passionate and at time notorious football fans on the planet. The supporters of Palmeiras are generally seen as some of the most colourful in South American soccer, with infamy surrounding their ultra's known as "Mancha Alvi-Verde" which translates to The White and Green Stain. With the worldwide popularity of Palmeiras, our new Brazilian football section now has the latest live feeds from the league, allowing fans to watch Palmeiras online and all matches through the domestic season as well as action from the Copa Libertadores!

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Palmeiras Streaming

Football Live Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras Streaming:

Fans of SE Palmeiras can tune in this week for free streaming of the Palmeiras match online! With Brazilian league and Cup in addition to Copa Libertadores streams, if you're unable to see this week's game from the Alviverde on TV (ESPN,SporTV or PFC), then see below each week for the latest live football streams from Serie A! Geographic blocks may be in place and remember that free television feeds may be available within Brazil from Rede and Bandeirantes.


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The Anthem of Palmeiras FC:
Written in 1949, Antonio Sergi conducted this fantastic piece of music known as the Palmeiras Anthem. We've translated this from Brazilian>English for our loyal international fan base at livefootballstreams:

(When the imposing white-green emerges)
(On the pitch where the battle will await)
(Aware of what lies ahead)
(That the hardness of the game is approaching)

(And Palmeiras, in the heat of the match)
(Making a pattern out of loyalty)
(Always knows how to emerge as the winner)
(And show that it is indeed the champion)

Watch Palmeiras live, the pride of Brazilian football:
We'd suggest any dedicated football fan with even a passing interest in South American soccer should take a look at Serie A. Highly technical with a fast rough paced style that puts UK football to shame may appeal quite highly to fans in the UK and Western Europe. Palmeiras fans can get the Palmeiras stream here and enjoy a full season of live Brazilian football in 2015!

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