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Swansea City are one of the few Welsh clubs that now feature in the structure of football divisions in England and it's provided the loyal fans of 'The Jack's with a fantastic history of ups and downs on the field. From the early founding days as 'Swansea Town' to the present day where the club now feature in the English Premier League and major English cup competitions, Swansea are one of those exciting clubs to watch with a rich history that has brought the club to where it is today heading into the Swansea City vs West Bromwich … game.

If we look back to the late 80's, under 30 years ago, Swansea were a fourth division club and while they had a decent fan base, the club struggled on many fronts. While there was a temporary reprieve with promotions over the years, the mid to late 90's saw Swansea drop from the 2nd division back into the 3rd division and the infamous dark an desperate days in recent memory with unknown manager Kevin Cullis lasting a full 1.5 games before being fired one of the most memorable points of a poor time on the pitch for SAFC. The new decade brought more turmoil and financial worries as the club was passed from different consortiums with player and managerial sackings becoming common over the season as Swansea remained in the lower divisions. 2005 onwards however, saw a great change with Swansea, moving to the Liberty Stadium and returning to League One in their bid to make it to the English Premier League, a feat they accomplished in 2012.

With the club now a major part of the EPL, we can all look forward to the next match and the Swansea City vs West Bromwich … live stream! See below for full info on video and audio coverage of the match with the latest game links for the upcoming tie.

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Swansea City matches can often be found on television but this of course, depends on kick off time and who the team are playing. More than likely, if Swansea are facing up against one of the old 'big four' such as Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal, the game will be featured on Sky Sport's weekend football coverage, or possibly BT Sports. Of course, 3pm games are not allowed to be televised but these can still be found via online video streaming and the sites such as those listed here for live footy streaming!

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